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We manufacture mannequin display cabinets in any shape, size or color.

Mannequin Display Cabinets is the designer and producer of elegant, yet solidly built custom designed mannequin cabinets. Mannequin Display Cabinets was established in North America in 1985 and in Europe more than 30 years ago. The company is family-owned and operates out of Ontario, Canada.

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Definitely, we are a company where you find any design for your cabinets. We offer many personalization options for your cabinets, plus we are the best for the following reasons

Mannequin Display Cabinets

Welcome to Mannequin Display Cabinets. We are the designers and manufactures of very large and elegant lines of specialty glass mannequin display cabinets and many other large display cases for museums, galleries, trade shows, exhibits, fortune 500 companies, collectors, schools, governments and many other organizations. Our company also manufactures other kinds of glass display cabinets such as jewelry display cabinets, trophy display cases, towers, suspended, wall mounted, free standing and wall upright showcases. We have the ability to manufacture our display cabinets in any size, color or shape.

Most of our large prop and mannequin display cabinets include the latest LED light fixtures best suited for specific display showcase designs.

Mannequin Display Cabinets is the best-known manufacturer of very large glass display cabinets for mannequins, props and other items or products that require very large display cases. Our glass display cabinets are designed and manufactured with the latest equipment and machines to assure absolute perfection. These machines and equipment allows our company to work much more efficiently and increase our design and manufacturing capabilities.

Our large selection of glass Mannequin Showcases are a unique variety of very large display cases used for showing off costumes and props that often have great historical value. These large exhibit display cabinets are not the most popular glass showcases our customers order but they are the most interesting ones to design and manufacture because our customers inform us what kinds of costumes or props will be displayed inside of the glass cabinets.

Our costume showcases are not only made to display mannequins and props but other large museum style objects such as fossils, dinosaurs, plants, movie props, military objects, meteorites and many other large items. It always poses a little bit of a challenge having to deliver these very large glass cabinets because sometimes these units are shipped all over the USA or CANADA and taking delivery of these massive crates is often more difficult as it seems.

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