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More About Us

Our forte is to distil and design with our 3D software exactly what it is that our clients look for in a vitrine or showcase. Whether it be an elegant, multi-functional vitrine equipped with unobtrusive safety locks for a museum’s highly valuable objects (or mannequins) or a jeweller’s toned-down vitrine that lets the jewellery stand out, will design and manufacture the vitrine that befits your organization’s interior and specific design requirements.


If you mix up the following items such as design criteria, risk, time frame and exceptional quality, the final result is our latest projects with Baylor University Texas, Princeton University New Jersey and North York General Hospital Toronto.

The Job

To design and manufacture something new and exiting for all three customers was the latest challenge our team at Custom Vitrines completed within difficult time lines and design challenges. To view photo’s of these latest project please check the photo’s attached to this article!

Jack Kemp

Glass Vitrines / Showcases

Our latest tower vitrine designed and manufactured

Pedestal Glass Vitrines for cruise-lines


If you’re lucky enough to be cruising the Caribbean seas  in the last 4 months or so, maybe you’ve also noticed our new collection of glass vitrines made especially for the cruise-line industry?  These elegant vitrines were specifically designed to show off the treasures of the sea.  In fact, most of the gold, silver and jewelry displayed was almost all discovered on the bottom of the Caribbean sea.  Who knows maybe it once belonged to Captain Hook? :-)