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Mannequin Display Cabinets – Made for the USA Military.

The US Military does love our mannequin display cabinets and we do love making these glass showcases for them.

The photo below is just one of the many glass display cabinets we have made for the US Armed Forces.

Mannequin Glass Display Cabinets

Mannequin Showcases

Costume Display Cases – Custom Made in the USA

If you are looking to display costumes inside glass display cases, you have come to the right place.  There is no other company in the USA or Canada that builds as many mannequin display cabinets as us.  Our costume display cabinets are made to our customer specification and normally within a 2 week time line.  We are very well known in the museum industry for building very big showcases that allow our clients to display anything from mannequins to sea monsters and military equipment.

Costume Display Cabinets

Glass Mannequin Showcases

Mannequin Showcase 201 Mannequin Showcase 193