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Virtual Cannabis Conference Series “United States Cannabis Conference + Expo” Debuts June 9 – 10, a Risk-Free Solution to Coronavirus Pandemic.–expo-debuts-june-9—10-a-risk-free-solution-to-coronavirus-pandemic-301025282.html
BOCA RATON, Fla., March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, leads to event cancellations across the world, Milestone Tradeshows announces its first virtual cannabis conference, the United States Cannabis Conference + Expo (USCCEXPO), which launches its borderless conference series June 9th and 10th, 2020.
“We have been planning this virtual online conference for a year. It just happens to coincide with warnings to halt unnecessary travel, which often includes trade shows and conferences,” said Brandy Shapiro-Babin, President, Milestone Tradeshows, the parent company of USCCEXPO. “With this expo, you don’t have to miss out. United States Cannabis Conference + Expo participants get all the benefits of an immersive and robust in-person conference with none of the health risks, costly travel, build-out and shipping costs.”
The United States Cannabis Conference + Expo was created to harness the knowledge of a global audience to help advance best practices for the fastest-growing and constantly changing industry in recent history. Some of the best and brightest in the cannabis sector will be gathered to discuss ways to normalize products and processes while building sustainable businesses.
For under $10.00, conference participants will have access to new product lines, manufacturing equipment, and a complete lineup of educational sessions about the cannabis industry. Couple that with “realtime industry networking” to chat with session leaders and vendors 1:1 or in group-chat or live video. Educational sessions are focused on 4 areas of interest: investment, business, consumer and medical marijuana. We will provide regional focus for those doing business in a legal or expanding medical market.
The conference experience begins in the Lobby, the hub of activity. Easily navigate the Exhibit Hall, the Video Vault, Resources Area or the Auditorium for one of many educational sessions available. Check out new products, and also the Promotions area for discounts or freebies. There’s even a helpdesk for real-time assistance to ensure a seamless experience during this virtual conference.
There’s still time to exhibit at the show or become a sponsor.
“Virtual events like the United States Cannabis Conference + Expo are the natural next step as people become accustomed to conducting business remotely online,” said Daron Babin, Co-Founder, Milestone Tradeshows. “As a broadcast media company, we are experts at bringing people with common interests together into a big virtual tent to learn and network. With this conference, you save money and grow your knowledge while never leaving the comfort of your home or office.”
The removal of “borders” and moving our expo into a virtual environment as our country’s borders continue closing is smart business during these uncertain times. Being proactive about how you participate in cannabis events in 2020 is no longer a question. USCC Expo is providing an online option for businesses and consumers alike.
Visit to learn more about sponsoring the show and to secure conference tickets.
About Milestone Tradeshows
Milestone Tradeshows is a leading event management company that is designed to empower teams and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. We design thoughtful, memorable experiences that are marquee centerpieces to any event. Our results-driven work launches brands and drives sales across a range of industries and audiences.

Jewelry Custom Display Cabinets

Custom display cabinets are a great choice when it comes to selling products. In this case, there is a wide variety of designs that are useful.

However, many times they are not adapted to our needs, so it is necessary to design them. In some cases the space is usually too much or too little.

A very common case is in jewelry display cabinets. In some cases it is common to see how only stack jewelry. However, sometimes there is too much space. For this reason, we have implemented the customization of cabinets.

With custom display cabinets you can better order your products. Even strategically to increase exposure and sales. In addition, they offer a better arrangement of space.

Display high-value objects

Technical conditions of a display case

In order to fulfill its function, every display case must comply with the following technical conditions:

  • Visibility: it is an element that improves to greater perspective and visual angle. It also depends on the location of the objects and the illumination of the space. Your display case will be remarkable.
  • Coherence and unity: a general balance must be achieved, based on harmony between: stained glass windows, posters, product, logo, doors, among others.
  • Organization: the elements that compose the showcase must be ordered to facilitate observation and to reflect the image and style of the store.
  • Plastic composition: there must be some parameter that guides creativity, orienting it towards the commercial message to be transmitted.
  • Opportunity: to respond to public expectations.
  • Suggestion: to provoke the desire to buy in the spectator, through aesthetic and emotional resources.
  • Originality: to attract the customer’s attention. Above all is the costumers!
    Clarity of the message: an integration must be achieved between the inspiring theme of the showcase and the product. However, if you don’t have a message forget of sell.

One of the best display case! But not all.

8 types of mannequins for your display cabinets!

8 types of mannequins. We know masculine and feminine. Marcelo Vilá presents a derivation of them from a total of 8 categories, with different materials and colors.

So in this way, the mannequins are more attractive, as a result in your store the costumers will feel attracted and buy.

Abstract or sculpted

Abstract or sculpted mannequins are the most common in other words we saw more. It is the sculpture of the human body with the main physiological characteristics of the masculine, feminine and child genders.


It is undoubtedly the most realistic human representation in mannequins. In this case, the mannequins are not only sculpted, but they also have the features of the face made up, very well marked and they all have wigs with different cuts and colors.

Articulated mannequins

They aren’t static mannequins but the human joints they represent can also move. It is undoubtedly a more complex category and allows you to change position.

Special Sizes

Special-size mannequins, dedicated to all those stores with large-size garments, which obviously need mannequins according to the product they sell.

Baby Shapes

Mannequins in the form of a baby, as if it were a doll, with the option of newborn or 6 months.

Dogs mannequins

And finally, as in many homes, a mannequin dedicated to man’s best friend, the dog, could not be missing. Ideal for all those shops dedicated to the sale of accessories for animals.

Do not forget to contact us if you require advice for the display cases of your mannequins, surely we will find the ideal, ensuring maximum satisfaction.



Octagonal Display Cabinet

Octagonal Display Cabinets in Chicago

Octagonal Display Cabinets. All our display line cabinets have special prices. These display cabinets are designed to make your mannequins and clothing look extraordinary. It is designed in green aluminum extrusion and covered with natural color wood laminate. It also has a storage base with hinge door and key lock. If you wish we can put your logo on the bottom. You like? Request more information from our sales team through our live chat.

Tower Display Cabinets

Tower display cabinets

Triangular Mannequin Display Cabinets

Triangular Mannequin Display Cabinets

Tower display cabinets. These display cabinets are the favorite of our customers. The tower display cabinets can be placed in any corner and due to its height it is possible to display many types of products inside. You can choose between five different types of base for your tower showcase. Triangular base: also known as corner showcase due to its base in the form of a triangle that provides the ability to adjust to the corners of a room. Square base: it is the most common and has four sides. Hexagonal and octagonal base, with six and eight sides respectively, provide a more brilliant finish due to its numerous edges. And finally a round tower showcase, as the name implies, has a circular base which makes it look like a beautiful cylinder for your products. Whatever showcase you want, we can manufacture it. Contact our assistants They will be happy to hear from you.

Glass Cabinets

Freestanding Display Cabinets in Toronto

Freestanding Display Cases

Mannequin Display Cabinets for Exhibits

Freestanding Display Cabinets. Do you need a cabinet where to exhibit large pieces? Do not think twice, the freestanding display cabinets are your best option. Thanks to their reinforced structure they are the best alternative to exhibit large pieces. Its aluminum extrusion frame provides an elegant finish and unmatched resistance. Like our tower cabinets, they are an excellent option to display large items, museum pieces, clothing, costumes, mannequins, almost anything you can think of. All our cabinets can be customized with solid color laminates, architectural, metallic or wood texture. LED lighting is another alternative that will make your products stand out; It can be bar lights, puck lights or spot lights. Feel free to contact us, our assistants can help you choose your next cabinet.

Hexagonal Display Cabinets

Hexagonal Display Cabinets in Orlando

Hexagonal display cabinets. The hexagonal cabinets or also called diamond showcases have an incredible appearance. The design of this type of showcase is based on a hexagonal prism. It has 6 faces that make it look elegant and sophisticated. It is ideal for jewelry stores, clothing stores with mannequins or boutiques. The height of these showcases can be adjusted according to their requiement. It is also possible to add LED lighting inside or levelers on all its legs. It is made of aluminum of the highest quality and covered with beautiful finishes. If you plan to buy a showcase of these characteristics, contact us, our specialists can help you choose the best one.

Mannequin Display Cabinets for your store

Are you looking for a mannequin display cabinet? In our gallery you will find projects with the most recent models. We have the largest selection of mannequin display cabinets for costumes and clothing. If you are thinking to start a fashion or costume shop, the mannequin display cabinets are your best option. These cabinets allow you to show clothing in whatever your style: it does not matter if it is a youth clothing store or something more formal, within them you can display any type of product you want. You can select different LED lights to highlight the environment according to your store. Ask about our customization options, we are here to help you.


From our standard square and rectangular mannequin display cabinets we do also manufacture a spectacular line of triangular, hexagonal and octagonal mannequin display cabinets as well.

These line of glass cabinets are obviously not as popular as our square and rectangular mannequin cabinets but nonetheless it has become more and more popular each year.

Triangular Mannequin Display Cabinets

Triangular Mannequin Display Cabinets

For more information about our triangular, hexagonal and octagonal mannequin display cabinet designs, please call or email us for a copy of our 2018 display cabinet catalog.

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