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Mannequins and decoration

Mannequins and decoration

We must establish the type of mannequins we will use in our store. We must be very clear about what we want to sell.
The environment or scenario will be selected by the season in which you are (if that is your wish) or according to each line and its theme so that the analogies are clear and this way, people are attracted.
The type of showcase will be determined by you and in many cases: your design.
In addition to offering you a wide range of showcases, the best one will always be created by you. Mannequins and decoration are the perfect excuse to sell all your clothes so, what are you waiting for?!

8 types of mannequins for your display cabinets!

8 types of mannequins. We know masculine and feminine. Marcelo Vilá presents a derivation of them from a total of 8 categories, with different materials and colors.

So in this way, the mannequins are more attractive, as a result in your store the costumers will feel attracted and buy.

Abstract or sculpted

Abstract or sculpted mannequins are the most common in other words we saw more. It is the sculpture of the human body with the main physiological characteristics of the masculine, feminine and child genders.


It is undoubtedly the most realistic human representation in mannequins. In this case, the mannequins are not only sculpted, but they also have the features of the face made up, very well marked and they all have wigs with different cuts and colors.

Articulated mannequins

They aren’t static mannequins but the human joints they represent can also move. It is undoubtedly a more complex category and allows you to change position.

Special Sizes

Special-size mannequins, dedicated to all those stores with large-size garments, which obviously need mannequins according to the product they sell.

Baby Shapes

Mannequins in the form of a baby, as if it were a doll, with the option of newborn or 6 months.

Dogs mannequins

And finally, as in many homes, a mannequin dedicated to man’s best friend, the dog, could not be missing. Ideal for all those shops dedicated to the sale of accessories for animals.

Do not forget to contact us if you require advice for the display cases of your mannequins, surely we will find the ideal, ensuring maximum satisfaction.



Mannequin showcases with LED lighting

5 advantages of a showcase with LED lighting.

LED lighting is a lighting system that is based on a semiconductor diode that emits light. When you have a showcase with LED lighting you get many benefits that help protect your products and save energy.

LED lighting advances every day more because of the advantages it brings, so it is currently possible to introduce it in more than 95% of lighting devices of all types: lighting in buildings, traffic lights, cars, telephones and much more. The LED lights are small in size and generate light with great power. It also offers the possibility of changing the color of light, an advantage that traditional lighting systems do not offer. But what are the most important advantages that a showcase with LED lighting offer for your business?

Advantages of showcases with LED lighting

1. Savings on energy bills. LED bulbs consume 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, which means a cut in energy expenditure.

2. It lasts much longer. An LED lamp has a much longer life than other devices. Generally, an LED light lasts about 45,000 hours, while a standard one does not usually exceed two thousand. This translated, assumes that an LED device offers light for about five years if it is permanently on, while the others offer a maximum of 83 days.

3. Cleaner energy. Traditional light bulbs contain elements such as tungsten or mercury, which are highly toxic. However, LED bulbs are recyclable and do not contain these types of substances.

4. They are more secure. While traditional lighting as well as light provides heat, the LEDs do not give off heat, which gives a double advantage: they do not waste energy and allow their use in small places without any danger.

5. Easy and cheap maintenance. Having such a long life, LED lights do not require frequent maintenance or replacement.

We offer showcases with LED lighting, if you are interested in this product, contact us, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

High Quality Mannequin Display Cabinets – Los Angeles

We have successfully launched our promotional information about our line of mannequin display cabinets.   Our variety of showcases with the highest quality standards are build to customer specifications and guidelines.   Call us and we will gladly design the display case that you are looking for.

Museum Cases

This our newest website which focuses strictly on the design and manufacturing of high quality museum display cabinets.


More About Us

Our forte is to distil and design with our 3D software exactly what it is that our clients look for in a vitrine or showcase. Whether it be an elegant, multi-functional vitrine equipped with unobtrusive safety locks for a museum’s highly valuable objects (or mannequins) or a jeweller’s toned-down vitrine that lets the jewellery stand out, will design and manufacture the vitrine that befits your organization’s interior and specific design requirements.


If you mix up the following items such as design criteria, risk, time frame and exceptional quality, the final result is our latest projects with Baylor University Texas, Princeton University New Jersey and North York General Hospital Toronto.

The Job

To design and manufacture something new and exiting for all three customers was the latest challenge our team at Custom Vitrines completed within difficult time lines and design challenges. To view photo’s of these latest project please check the photo’s attached to this article!

Jack Kemp


Pedestal Glass Vitrines for cruise-lines

If you’re lucky enough to be cruising the Caribbean seas  in the last 4 months or so, maybe you’ve also noticed our new collection of glass vitrines made especially for the cruise-line industry?  These elegant vitrines were specifically designed to show off the treasures of the sea.  In fact, most of the gold, silver and jewelry displayed was almost all discovered on the bottom of the Caribbean sea.  Who knows maybe it once belonged to Captain Hook? :-)