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Octagonal Display Cabinets in Chicago

Octagonal Display Cabinet

Octagonal Display Cabinets. All our display line cabinets have special prices. These display cabinets are designed to make your mannequins and clothing look extraordinary. It is designed in green aluminum extrusion and covered with natural color wood laminate. It also has a storage base with hinge door and key lock. If you wish we can put your logo on the bottom. You like? Request more information from our sales team through our live chat.

Display high-value objects

Display high-value objects

Display high-value objects. One of our greatest strength is to offer high quality showcases for museums. This type of enclosures houses many objects of high historical, artistic, military, cultural and academic value. All our showcases are manufactured under the strictest quality standards to guarantee the correct protection of this type of objects. We have countless designs, shapes, sizes and colors. Contact our assistants, they will gladly assist you.