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Mannequin Display Cabinets – Trade Shows

Our company has made some of the largest mannequin display cabinets for the trade show and exhibit industry.  Recently the government of main ordered the largest mannequin showcase we have ever build and shipped.

The dimensions of this costume display cabinet was 95″H x 36″D x 120″W.

Photo below is of this exact glass mannequin showcase.

Mannequin Showcases

Mannequin Display Cabinets for Exhibits

Mannequin Display Cabinets – Comic Con

Our company is one of the principal suppliers of these wonderful and very large mannequin display cabinets for Comic Con.  With some pictures of these large mannequin display cabinets listed below it will give you a good idea what are company is capable to design and manufacture.

The production of very large glass display cabinets is one of our main specialties and our company has become one of the main supplier of these kinds of very large cases in the world.

Custom Made Mannequin Display Cabinets

Glass Mannequin Display Cabinets

Mannequin Display Cases

Mannequin Glass Showcases