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Museum showcases in USA

Mannequin Display Cabinets

The function of the museum showcases is to allow the spectator to appreciate all the details. They can include a complete stage that will highlight the work.

They are made up of two or four crystals that allow access to the view. This having the preference of being reinforced or not, however, both are resistant.

Their finishes are made with the finest materials and the latest technology. Their dimensions are always designed by you and your needs. According to the size, it is possible to make it for an entire exhibition.

In addition to all this, it is possible to design museum showcases with temperature, humidity and ventilation control. In this way, the museum showcases will be prepared for very old objects.
Our finishes are made of the highest quality materials. This allows the long life of your showcases. It can be used from wood to aluminium for its aesthetics. But, try to use sophisticated colors and finishes. However, just need a good space.

If you have any question or do you want a suggestion, just contact us! Above all it’s your satisfaction.

museum showcases, above all what the costumer wants!

Display high-value objects

Display high-value objects

Display high-value objects. One of our greatest strength is to offer high quality showcases for museums. This type of enclosures houses many objects of high historical, artistic, military, cultural and academic value. All our showcases are manufactured under the strictest quality standards to guarantee the correct protection of this type of objects. We have countless designs, shapes, sizes and colors. Contact our assistants, they will gladly assist you.

5 advantages of a showcase with LED lighting.

Mannequin showcases with LED lighting

LED lighting is a lighting system that is based on a semiconductor diode that emits light. When you have a showcase with LED lighting you get many benefits that help protect your products and save energy.

LED lighting advances every day more because of the advantages it brings, so it is currently possible to introduce it in more than 95% of lighting devices of all types: lighting in buildings, traffic lights, cars, telephones and much more. The LED lights are small in size and generate light with great power. It also offers the possibility of changing the color of light, an advantage that traditional lighting systems do not offer. But what are the most important advantages that a showcase with LED lighting offer for your business?

Advantages of showcases with LED lighting

1. Savings on energy bills. LED bulbs consume 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, which means a cut in energy expenditure.

2. It lasts much longer. An LED lamp has a much longer life than other devices. Generally, an LED light lasts about 45,000 hours, while a standard one does not usually exceed two thousand. This translated, assumes that an LED device offers light for about five years if it is permanently on, while the others offer a maximum of 83 days.

3. Cleaner energy. Traditional light bulbs contain elements such as tungsten or mercury, which are highly toxic. However, LED bulbs are recyclable and do not contain these types of substances.

4. They are more secure. While traditional lighting as well as light provides heat, the LEDs do not give off heat, which gives a double advantage: they do not waste energy and allow their use in small places without any danger.

5. Easy and cheap maintenance. Having such a long life, LED lights do not require frequent maintenance or replacement.

We offer showcases with LED lighting, if you are interested in this product, contact us, it would be a pleasure to meet you.


You want something different? We can do that! Good quality but not at a premium price! That’s our motto so no problem their either. You know exactly what you want? Tell us and we will make it happen. You saw a one of our mannequin display case designs in our catalog but want some changes to it? Offcourse! Everything we do is customizable or uniquely designed just for you. The best of all? the price! Mannequin Display Cases are used to display wardrobes / costumes, props and many other things. This is what we do best…..building very large glass display cases and delivery them anywhere in the USA or CANADA.

Mannequin Display Cases

Mannequin Display Cases


Delivery of your Mannequin Display Cabinets can sometimes pose a bit of an issue if not prepared.


We are one of the biggest supplier of MANNEQUIN DISPLAY CABINETS to the US Military.

Our company has been fortunate enough to be a major supplier of these kinds of display cabinets for many museums and galleries across the USA and Canada.

Some examples below of these large mannequin display cabinets will give you a good idea of what we do best.

Glass Cabinets

Large Mannequin Display Cabinet

Costume Display Cabinets

Mannequin Glass Display Cases

Mannequin Display Cabinets for the US Military

These days we are making many mannequin display cabinets for the US Military.  The US ARMY, NAVY and MARINES have ordered over 20 costume display cases that require preservation for future generations to view these special uniforms.

Mannequin Showcases

Mannequin Display Cases

Mannequin Showcase 210

NEW and UPDATED Mannequin Display Case Websites

The websites below are to our other niche websites about our mannequin showcase designs.


Mannequin Display Cabinets – Made for the USA Military.

The US Military does love our mannequin display cabinets and we do love making these glass showcases for them.

The photo below is just one of the many glass display cabinets we have made for the US Armed Forces.

Mannequin Glass Display Cabinets

Mannequin Showcases


We manufacture the highest quality merchandising glass display showcases on the planet. Custom Display Groups designs can be custom designed to match your existing displays or, purchased from our standard line of products that are pre-made and ready to ship today.

Our online catalog can be viewed below.