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Tower display cabinets

Tower Display Cabinets
Triangular Mannequin Display Cabinets

Triangular Mannequin Display Cabinets

Tower display cabinets. These display cabinets are the favorite of our customers. The tower display cabinets can be placed in any corner and due to its height it is possible to display many types of products inside. You can choose between five different types of base for your tower showcase. Triangular base: also known as corner showcase due to its base in the form of a triangle that provides the ability to adjust to the corners of a room. Square base: it is the most common and has four sides. Hexagonal and octagonal base, with six and eight sides respectively, provide a more brilliant finish due to its numerous edges. And finally a round tower showcase, as the name implies, has a circular base which makes it look like a beautiful cylinder for your products. Whatever showcase you want, we can manufacture it. Contact our assistants They will be happy to hear from you.

Freestanding Display Cabinets in Toronto

Glass Cabinets
Freestanding Display Cases

Mannequin Display Cabinets for Exhibits

Freestanding Display Cabinets. Do you need a cabinet where to exhibit large pieces? Do not think twice, the freestanding display cabinets are your best option. Thanks to their reinforced structure they are the best alternative to exhibit large pieces. Its aluminum extrusion frame provides an elegant finish and unmatched resistance. Like our tower cabinets, they are an excellent option to display large items, museum pieces, clothing, costumes, mannequins, almost anything you can think of. All our cabinets can be customized with solid color laminates, architectural, metallic or wood texture. LED lighting is another alternative that will make your products stand out; It can be bar lights, puck lights or spot lights. Feel free to contact us, our assistants can help you choose your next cabinet.